Electronics 7 Best 4K Projectors Under 2000 Dollars

7 Best 4K Projectors Under 2000 Dollars

You have a lot of knowledge about resolution. That’s why you are researching on finding the best 4K projectors under 2000 dollars. The best projectors bring amazing performance and great quality.

Best 4K projectors under $2000

4K projectors are more expensive but the quality they bring will put you in love with it.

There are several hundred projectors available in the market, but the best projectors are the ones that bring premium quality and better video resolution.

If you are purchasing a projector for presentations, gaming, watching movies or enjoying sport. All your requirements can be fulfilled by the best projectors under $2000.

We are also providing a buyer guide to help you know the important things to be considered while purchasing a projector.

If you are spending so much money on a projector, then it is important that you should choose the best one which will continue working for a long term.

Projectors are great devices that show images on the surface. Projectors have a small lens from which they produce light and form an image on a surface to which it projects.

The projection image quality depends on the projector. A higher quality projector will produce high quality pictures. Thus, 4K projectors are a great option as they generate high quality images with high pixels.

Not every projector produces high quality images.. Many of them are wasting money.

To save you money and time, we have researched and spent our time to save your time on choosing the best 4K projectors under your budget.

Top 7 Best 4K Projectors Under 2000

The projector you choose should be capable of supporting high quality video experience and equipped with valuable features that will keep supporting your hunger of projection for different purposes.

#Projector NameResolutionLumensLamp LifeAction
1Optoma UHD52ALVTrue 4K UHD3,50015,000 hoursCheck Latest Price
2BenQ HT3550True 4K UHD20004,000 hoursCheck Latest Price
3Epson Cinema 38004K PRO-UHD30004,000 hoursCheck Latest Price
4ViewSonic PX7474K UHD350015,000 hoursCheck Latest Price
5BenQ TK800MTrue 4K UHD30004,000 hoursCheck Latest Price
6Optoma GT1080HDR4K UHD3,80015, 000 hoursCheck Latest Price
7AAXA 4K14K UHD150030,000 HoursCheck Latest Price

Without further ado, let’s dive into a list of the best 4K projectors under $2000 dollars.

1. Optoma UHD52ALV Top Pick (All in One)

Optoma UHD52ALV is best 4k projectors under $2000

Tech Specs:

  • Brightness: 3,500 ANSI Lumens
  • Resolution: True 4K UHD
  • Pixels: 8.3 million pixels
  • Lamp Life: 15,000 hours

Optoma is one of the best 4K projectors under 2000 dollars. Due to its high-end performance, it can transform your room into a home theater within a few minutes.

The 4K projector is equipped with amazing features to produce better quality images and fall you in love with your videos or images.

To further enhance the picture quality, it has 8.3 million pixel formation technology which makes the image quality more crispy and clear. Thus giving you a realistic cinematic experience at home.

The projector is equipped with dci-p3 modern technology like HDR10 and HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) that makes sure to give you a brighter quality image on your behalf.

The projector is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to get cinema experience at home. You can also use it in the office for different purposes. Its high lumens ensure brighter images at higher frame rates and amazing image quality.

The projector is not only built for people to watch their favorite videos, it also has different input modes for different types of purpose. You can play any media, connect it with devices like, Mac, PC, Mobile phone and gaming consoles every easily.

Another cool and amazing feature that the model owns is Smart technology. Thus it makes it compatible with services like the Amazon Echo and Alexa.

Smart technology has another feature called voice command control. It enables you to control a few important functions through voice, these includes powered off/on.

You can do a little more with voice control, it also enables you to adjust the volume, change inputs and control the playing media through voice.

Vertical lens of the projector can shift and zoom that makes the installation process even easier. Installing it for the first time won’t take more than 20 minutes.

This amazing model has a lamp life of 15,000 hours. If you use it for 4 hours a day, you will have more than 10 years of life time for your impressive 4K projector.

Projectors have rich support for RGB color wheels to perform much better on video quality. It comes with everything that you need with a projector to start using it.

Indeed, it also has a 3 year warranty that is valid for US and Canadian users.

Optoma is our top pick and favorite model, it can’t be ignored. It’s equipped with all the incredible features that a 4K projector should have. It produces incredible performance and provides great image quality that makes it the true 4K smart projectors for enjoying the real fun of projection.

  • Compatibility with echo and Google home
  • Voice control feature
  • Amazing quality picture
  • Clear image
  • Easy to adjust
  • No support for Keystone adjustment

2. BenQ HT3550 Best Home Theater Projector

 BenQ HT3550 - Best Home Theater Projector

Tech Specs:

  • Brightness: 2000 ANSI Lumens
  • Resolution: True 4K UHD
  • Pixels: 8.3 million pixels
  • Lamp Life: 4,000 hours

Introducing you with another HDR supported 4K projector that is suitable for watching 4K movies with high contract ratio. It comes with 8.3 million pixels to enhance image quality and produce high quality, clear and incredible 4K images.

We love the ultra high definition color technology, it’s equipped with dci-p3 color technology to form accurate color of your videos or images with large screen.

The 4k projector lens is too smart to produce more crispy looking images and a real 4k cinamtic experience at home.

This great model has different picture effects for different purposes. if you are the one who loves to watch movies at home, then D.cinema mode is built for you.

For 4K lovers, you need to use cinema mode to have an ideal and great watching experience like cinema.

However, there are several other controls like controlling contrast, brightness, 3D effects and HDR 10 like pro features.

BenQ projectors are being here from years and are continuing their efforts in the market and popular for their great projectors.

The HT2550 model is beyond our imagination, it has easy to install flexibility that increases the installation process even more.

Most cinemas use DLP digital technology to bring shinning and sharpness in their movie quality, but now benQ is here that have the same cinematic technology that will feel you a real cinematic experience at home.

The Cinematic color design looks slim and makes it different from others with its superior performance.

The projector can produce 4K UHD images in complete darkness. It’s recommended for enjoying a great movie experience in the darkness of the room.

The ward winning projector comes with 3 years of warranty and is equipped with today’s modern technology that gives incredible performance at 4K projections, thus it is our recommended best 4K projector under 2000 dollars.

  • Available in two colors cinematic and Vibrant
  • True 4k resolution
  • HDR 10 optimized projector
  • Variety of picture modes
  • 3 year warranty
  • No Keystone correction
  • Fan noise needs to improve

3. Epson Cinema 3800 Best Value

Epson 3800 - best 4K projector

Tech Specs:

  • Brightness: 3000 ANSI Lumens
  • Resolution: 4K PRO-UHD
  • Pixels: 8.3 million pixels
  • Lamp Life: 4,000 hours

Still not yet decided what is the best 4K projectors under 2000 dollars?

Well, we have another budget friendly projector on our list. It’s a compatible 4K projector that produces a high resolution image with bright color.

The projector comes with pixel shifting and ultra high definition technology that is responsible for processing high end videos and millions of pixels for producing sharp and crispy images.

The projector has a cool and nice design but the inner quality cannot be underestimated as it features real 3-chip technology that gives the perfect combination of RGB color with no issues.

Furthermore, the great projector is compatible with different devices like phones, PCs etc.

The 12 bit digital system comes with another cool feature that helps in converting analog signatures to digital for processing smooth video optimization.

If you are a gaming lover, then you would love to know that this projector supports gaming consoles.

The gaming performance will hit 60 fps on 4K HDR. The production gaming graphic looks great as it is produced by a top beast projector.

The projector does the perfect projection on a flat and larger screen in both dark and light room.

It has different connectivity ports including two HDMI with 18 Gbps of processing speed. These HDMI ports will pass signals at a very high quality that perform a better role in transforming your normal room into a cinema.

The projector comes with an easy to install guide, thus it won’t take much longer to set up everything right.

The projector is equipped with a built-in speaker and wireless system for connecting other sound systems easily. It also have a support for 3D.

  • Advance 3 chip display technology
  • Run games on 60 fps with HDR support
  • Clear image quality
  • Very bright
  • Impressive day & night viewing experience
  • Excellent built-in speaker
  • Low input lag is great for gaming
  • Fans become noisy at higher bright levels.
  • Poor black levels can be improved if you have no other light source in the room.

4. ViewSonic PX747 – Best Projector for any Environment

ViewSonic PX747 – Best Projector for any Environment

Tech Specs:

  • Brightness: 3500 ANSI Lumens
  • Resolution: 4K UHD
  • Pixels: 8.3 million pixels
  • Lamp Life: 15,000 hours

Do you want a combo projector that you could work at night for watching your favorite movies and also work during the day for watching TV shows and Sports?

Then your choice must be a ViewSonic 4K projector, because its lens powers to produce bigger screens of up to 300 inches in every environment.

It brings a huge 4K UHD quality that changes the game of visuals.

The great model delivers amazing performances with high resolution to make you feel that you are enjoying your movie at the cinema.

Well, this home theater has great support for HDR, which processes amazing videos at better 4K quality.

A few days of use won’t put an end to your projector because it has a lamp of up to 15,000 hours that will keep working without any problems.

This model featured great compatibility modes for different devices like PC, Mobile phone, different type of media players and amazing connectivity ports for gaming console too.

However, it has a different connectivity option but the one we like is HDMI. You might know that HDMI cables are great for processing video signals very fast. That’s why it produces great video quality.

Indeed, it comes with two ports for HDMI connectivity.

The great news that you would love to hear is that this cool model comes with 3 years of warranty.

With ViewSonic projectors you can discover more with its incredible better brightness lumens.

It’s equipped with a speaker that produces enough sound to vibrate your hear drums and even it can be easily heard in the entire room.

The projector features amazing modes to make the day and night viewing experience much better.

The amazing model is equipped with a lot of premium features that enable access to a huge collection. The perfect choice features 8.3 million pixels that produce ultra HD performance on a bigger screen.

  • Clear, sharp, crispy and bright image quality in any environment
  • Amazing back-lit remote control feature
  • 3 year warranty
  • Flexible and easy connectivity options
  • Wonderful choice
  • Budget friendly and cheap price
  • it comes with no lens cover
  • No support for 3D
  • No auto adjust feature like keystone

5. BenQ TK800M Best Budget Pick

BenQ TK800M 4K Projector

Tech Specs:

  • Brightness: 3000 ANSI Lumens
  • Resolution: True 4K UHD
  • Pixels: 8.3 million pixels
  • Lamp Life: 4,000 hours

Now you are familiar with BenQ and thier highly valuable projectors. We have another worth knowing model on our list of the best 4K projectors under 2000 dollars.

It features Rec. 709 which means it’s authentic to produce high quality cinematic colors at great resolution like 4K.

The lens is capable of generating 4K quality and plays an important role in converting your room into a home theater.

Auto keystone is another advanced feature that enables the auto correction of your projector image into corners of different locations like Fire stick and Roku etc. Thus, setting and adjusting your projector image will only take a few minutes.

The model is compatible with different connectivity devices like chrome-cast, laptop or PC, and game console etc.

The projector will work great even if it’s connected to any device. It does the projection in high contrast.

The image will be sharp, clear and crispy because it works on DLP technology that performs well in the day or dark.

TK800M is a perfect 4K projector for entertaining yourself at home.

The resolution of the projector is much better, with its 8.3 million pixel frames and support for HDR10 producing stunning 4K results.

There are modes for type of videos like sport mode, football mode etc. It applies perfect effects to the video that create a great impression, so you can get cinematic like experience at your home.

If you have BenQ, then why would you go to the cinema?

Well, the projector is well optimized for producing high quality stunning quality at high brightness that brings imagination to perfection.

4K broadcasting at a high frame rate makes you feel like you are sitting in a cinema. Thus, a flexible set up and easy to use projector is our recommended best 4K projector under $2000.

  • Excellent mode for different video types
  • Auto keystone adjustment feature
  • Crystal clear image quality
  • Brighter image
  • Comes with a warranty card
  • provide the best sport watching experience
  • No support for network
  • 3D cannot be auto detected

6. Optoma GT1080HDR – Best Gaming Projector

Optoma GT1080HDR – Best Gaming Projector

Tech Specs:

  • Brightness: 3,800 ANSI Lumens
  • Resolution: 4K UHD
  • Pixels: 8.3 million pixels
  • Lamp Life: 15, 000 hours

Optoma is our favorite brand, here is another budget friendly model that was expected.

This model has amazing features for low prices. It gives a tremendous 4K output in gaming, movies and all types of media.

The product is HDR supportable which means it has the powers to produce the perfect RGB color with amazing 4K quality.

Like the BenQ projector, it also has keystone correction ability. It makes the installation process more flexible and provides great ease of use.

It’s equipped with a speaker that helps in enjoying it in any environment.

With this model you don’t need to worry about lamp life. It has fifteen thousand hours of long lamp life.

Another amazing feature of this budget friendly projector is it supports full 3D functionalities without any disturbance in normal work.

It has both VGA and HDMI ports that enable connectivity to several devices.

The projector is totally made for gamers and normal users.

You might have noticed that many projectors need a lot of distance to perfectly display its image on a surface. With this model, it only needs to be placed 4 feet away from the projection area.

This short projection technology projector does not require much space in your room.

The best gaming projectors have a super fast response time for gaming mode. It will give you a hassle free 120Hz refresh rate at a better frame rate.

The projector enables many flexible functions, it perfectly produces a sharp and quality 4K image.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly projector that will transfer your simple room into a theater or want to have the best gaming experience on a projector at home, then these best 4K projectors under 2000 dollars model is for you.

  • Short throw distance projector
  • Project large picture from a short distance
  • Fastest response in gaming mode
  • enhanced gaming mode
  • Full 3D support
  • Auto keystone adjustment feature
  • No Zooming feature
  • Not a Native 4K projector

7. AAXA 4K1 – Best Portable Projector

AAXA 4K1 – Best Portable Projector

Tech Specs:

  • Brightness: 1500 LED Lumens
  • Resolution: 4K UHD
  • Pixels: 3840×2160 pixels
  • Lamp Life: 30,000 Hours

A great model is powered by long lamp life and Ultra HD quality at a reasonable price.

It’s equipped with two speakers that delivers great sound in a room. The look is simple but it can’t be ignored on it’s quality result.

It provides 4K output at a larger contrast. The mini projector also has dual HDMI cable options that increase connectivity and picture quality.

Furthermore, this mini-projector is a great budget step for converting your simple bedroom into a cinema.

The size of the projector is too small, this makes it lighter, portable and easy to use.

You can use it for business presentations or as a home theater. It won’t disappoint you in its work.

It’s not a native 4K projector, but it works great in any intensity. This projector has support for different devices, even if your phone can also be connected to its ports.

The projector has a very long lamp life, but it only works in dark rooms. With this model you don’t need to worry about lamp life.

We recommend it for watching videos, movies, sports etc in the dark room. The model is easy to use and easy to set up straight out of the box. However, it needs improvement on its quality.

  • Small size
  • portable
  • Easy to configure
  • Long lamp life
  • Larger screen output
  • Low price
  • No keystone adjustment
  • Fan is a bit loud
  • No support for HDR

How to Choose the Best 4K Projectors under $2000

Projectors have the same quality as TV. The only difference is it provides a much bigger screen and you can feel the cinematic experience at home.

Now that you have taken the step toward purchasing the best 4K projectors under 2000 dollars, then you must know the important factors that matter while shopping for the projector.

4K projectors are more expensive. It is hard to choose the best projector under budget, but don’t worry we are here to help you.

If you have time, then it is recommended that you must read the buyer’s guide and detailed steps, which will help you to easily choose the best quality and perfect projector for yourself.

If you don’t have time for the buyer guide, then you can also choose one from our list.

1. Room Light Condition

Projectors are mostly designed for dark rooms. They have enough viewing quality and work great in the darkness.

While the intensive use of modern technology is now able to design amazing projectors that also work well in light rooms.

2. Lumens

It basically refers to the brightness of the projector. The most important factor is that it defines your projector’s viewing quality like dark or light.

Higher lumens means brighter light, while lower lumens will produce dimmer light. So the low lumens projectors are perfect for dark rooms.

The more lumens a projector has, the brighter it will be.

Projectors’ lumen range lays between 1500-6000 or more. The best 4K projectors under $2000 dollars generally have normal lumens like 2000 to 3000 lumens.

Generally, 1500 lumens projectors are perfect for home theater. These projectors will only be view-able in a dark room.

Some people don’t like to sit in the dark in a room. If your room is getting light from sunlight through the windows or you want to turn on your lamp while watching your favorite media, then projectors with 2000 or more lumens are only for you.

We have mentioned some higher lumens projectors in our list, this is because you can enjoy it in light or dark easily.

3000 or more lumens projectors are designed for brighter rooms that have a lot of light.

3. Lamp Life:

Every projector has its own lamp that gives light. Now every lamp has a life time, after which it will stop working.

Projectors have a lamp life of 2000 to 20,000 hours of a lifetime. Longer lamp life will have longer usage.

The new lamp will have a brighter and great picture. With the passage of time, it will lose its brightness.

If the lamp has a problem or it’s lifetime is over, then you have to purchase a new lamp for your projector that will cost you $200-$400.

Quick Tip: If you purchase an extra lamp for your projector, then we recommend you to test it on your projector for some hours. If the lamp has any problems, then it will automatically stop working after its first use of 4-10 hours. If the lamp passes the usage test, then you should cover it well, and keep it in a cool place in the dark.

4. Connectivity options

Best 4K projectors

Projectors have different ports for connectivity. Make sure that the projector you want to purchase must have an HDMI port. HDMI works better than VGA, it helps in providing more HD output.

5. Projector Technology: DLP or LCD

There are different technologies and terminologies used in projectors. But the most popular ones are DLP and LCD.

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is great at producing sharp and superior quality pictures.

DLP (Digital Light Processing) is considered to be brighter, lighter, portable and faster than LCD.

You should consider DLP, because it gives amazing results. Our list of the best 4K projectors under 2000 dollars contains DLP projectors only.

6. Pixels:

You are looking for the best 4K projectors under 2000 dollars.

Now you are researching about 4K, then you must have enough knowledge about resolutions and pixels.

Still, you must pick a projector that has high pixels. True 4K resolution projectors have 8.3 million distinct pixels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you choose a 4K projector?

4K projectors provide amazing high definition quality at high resolution. It provides 3840 x 2160 or 4096 x 2160 pixels of image quality. The more pixels you have the better quality you will get. It will cost you a little too much but you will get an amazing cinematic experience at home.

Can projectors play games at 4K resolution?

Yes, many projectors have an option for gaming consoles. This incredible feature enables the projector to play games at 4K resolution. Our list contains 4K projectors like Epson Cinema 3800, Optoma UHD52ALV  and Optoma GT1080HDR. They are perfect choices for gamers.

What is the cheapest 4K projector?

The cheapest 4K projectors in our list AAXA 4K1 and Optoma GT1080HDR. It’s the perfect kick start toward 4K projectors. There are a lot of quality features that do 4K projection perfectly.

Is there any maintenance required?

Yes, if you have purchased the best 4k projectors under 2000 dollars, then you will need to clean the lens frequently to avoid dust. You must use a soft lens cloth to avoid damage or scratching. Another thing that you need to maintain is the lamp. The lamp has its own lifetime. Once the life time is expired, then you will need a new lamp in order to maintain the usability.


Our researched base list of the best 4k projectors under 2000 dollars contains worth knowing projectors. It provides an incredible performance and won’t disappoint you with its performance.

We have explained every single thing that helps you in choosing the perfect 4k projector.

Our 1st favorite 4k projector is Optoma UHD52ALV. It provides a tremendous 4k projection experience at home. The projector is well made and equipped with a powerful lens. It’s the perfect choice to get a home theater experience.

Our 2nd pick is BenQ HT3550. We call it the best home theater projector because it gives an amazing 4K quality picture with HDR compatibility. It’s totally made from the latest technology that makes you happy with its performances.

Our 3rd favorite 4K projector is Epson home Cinema 3800. It’s known for its speed and fast video processing technology. It is a fully compatible choice for every type of media.

Other projectors on the list are also premium choices. They provide great 4K quality pictures and that’s why they belong here.

Let us know your favorite 4K projector under 2000 dollars in the comment section below!


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